Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region that is recognized as one of 34 globally significant biodiversity hotspots.

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic in co-operation with the Krkonoše National Park Administration has been involved in several projects in Georgia - namely in unique protected areas in Tusheti, Kakheti region and in Aragvi Protected Landscape, of the  Mtskheta-Mtianeti region.
The first project, implemented in 2012–2013, focused on development of management plan for the Tusheti Protected Landscape (315 km2) including the action plan and zoning of the protected landscape. The management plan was discussed with relevant authorities and municipalities, and successfully presented to a wider public audience. According to the Georgian legislation, the plan was approved for the period 2014-2019.

Village Chigho, Tusheti, photo: Jindřich Chlapek.

The following project was prepared to facilitate implementation of selected measures identified in the management plan. As support of local people proved to be the crucial point of successful conservation of both natural and cultural values of Tusheti, particular activities were focused at development of tourist infrastructure (100 km of marked hiking trails, incl. installing 21 signposts), producing the leaflet with map of tourist trails and basic information as well as a printed guidebook.

At the same time, the database for inventory and monitoring of rare species was developed and launched, and the tourist info point was opened for the season 2018 as an attempt to search for financial sources to maintain the tourist trails network and other visitor facilities.

After the area of Aragvi became the next target territory of the Czech development aid in Georgia, management plan for the Aragvi Protected Landscape (998 km2) including zoning of the protected area has been elaborated recently within the project “Establishment of Sustainable Management of the Aragvi Protected Landscape” (2018–2022).

All activities have been supervised and funded by the Czech Development Agency.