Basic rules for a respectful tourist - Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic

1/ I know where I'm going

I plan my trip based on my experience and abilities. I bring everything I might need with me. I get familiar with the rules and regulations in the area I plan to visit.

2/ I protect nature

Usually it does not matter if I pick some berries for myself. However, I do not disturb the environment, I do not pick flowers, nor do I kill any living animals. I collect only experiences and photos. I also move around mainly on foot.

3/ I respect local people and other tourists

I respect all the rules and regulations in a protected area. I am also respectful to nature and to local inhabitants. I do not disturb nature with noise, light, or by my presence where it is prohibited or where I may cause problems. I behave in a way that I do not disturb the recreational experience of others. I am always in control of my dog.

4/ I am responsible for my own safety

I am aware of the surroundings; I do not take risks. I know that nature can be dangerous for someone who is not cautious enough. However, I am glad that nature is not regulated and it stays as wilderness.

5/ I do not leave any trace

What I bring with me, I also take back with me. If I need to go to the toilet, I do not leave any visible trace. Any site I visit, I leave as I found it.

6/ I take care of the place

I protect the place I visit. I do not publish photographs nor the coordinates of places that are not easily accessible nor generally famous. I inform the site manager or a ranger about illegal behaviour or damage to nature or infrastructure.